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With my bad luck with computers I'm struggling with messenger services. And now that Yahoo is changing up I'm having to resort to Skype, which has never worked (and even now is finicky)

So if you want, add me at live:JoExpandable, though whether or not it works will be strange to see.

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Let me introduce myself. I'm just your average ordinary girl, I guess. Still somewhere in my  late teens, shortish light brunette hair just short of a pixie cut, brought up in a middle-class household with a loving mom and dad. Single at the moment, B grades on average, I'm good with English and artsy stuff but as soon as I see an equation my mind tends to melt away. No brothers or sisters to speak of, but I do have cousins dotted all around the place. Light blue eyes, sometimes softly spoken and sometimes sarcastic (but what teenager isn't these days). I like to read in my spare time, watch a TV program every now and then, the sort of usual stuff that others do. Totally normal.

Oh. And I'm a human blueberry.

Guess I should've started with that.

In short, my condition causes me to constantly fill up with blueberry juice. A rare condition, something to do with the human DNA having coding in it that resembles blueberries and... did I mention I was bad at science, too? You would have to talk to my Doctor about WHY it's blueberry juice and not any other fruit juice. It is what it is.

It normally takes two days for me to reach full size, and then another half day for me to eventually reach my "limit". Yes, this does mean I will explode. Hasn't happened to me yet, though the thought of covering every inch of wall of any room I occupy with my own blue liquid isn't something that I like to venture to every now and then. Tell your average person in the street if they want to explode or not, they'd be answering the same. Except they don't have my “condition”.

I guess I should explain a bit more about what makes me an actual “blueberry”. No I don't have a stem, I don't grow out of a tree, and I can't fit in the palm of your hand. Some days I could barely fit into your room, never mind be held up by someone. I do, however, resemble the shape akin to a sphere. Except with tiny hands and feet and my head popping out of it. I guess you could actually put me in a blender and sweet juice will come out. Good luck finding a blender that will properly fit me though. I end up as wide as you are tall, then a little more. And then a little more. Normally when I can't even move any more, that's when it's time for me to be juiced. Juicing a human blueberry is done in a more humane manner than dicing me up with blades. Think of those massaging chairs that knead and roll against your muscles. Now imagine that but around ten foot high and across an entire body. It's meant to stimulate and squeeze out the fluid in a more humane manner than simply just sticking me into a vice and squeezing until something happens.

Specialists say that I have around an average of 60 hours maximum between each and every session that I have in this weird machine before I reach a critical mass. In layman's terms, that means the point where I go boom boom. I could venture to test that number, but I don't think I'll ever be that brave. I'd rather fill up to the point where I'm considered ripe and roll my way into the juicer.

My day-to-day life other than the aforementioned “juicing” is fairly standard. Or as standard as I'd like to make it considering my condition. The moment after juicing I like to walk around town... even with the biggest ass you've ever seen and blue skin that shines like a lighthouse for all to see. I tend to get reactions from all sorts of weird and weirder people. More than once I've seen my pictures up on the Internet with captions and comments that vary from “Stick her with a  pin!” to “How does she keep all that junk in that trunk?” to “Blue Man Group: Missing Member”. You name a unique comment, I've heard it and seen it. I do like to go shopping, ironically I like to go clothes shopping which ends up as futile an experience as you think, as by the time I get home and try whatever I've just bought back on again, it's already two sizes too big. The only thing I have luck with is underwear. So at least I have a backup of lingerie to fall back on that's designed to stretch and contort to my body. I'm not even trying to be sexy, but it fits so I'll wear it. But even my stretchy underwear squeezes like a vice when I end up bigger than I should be. It can be an amusing sight seeing me 50+ hours before my last juicing and about to get a wedgie the likes of which you've never seen.

I go to school still. I go to a school that houses people of varying conditions. My condition is rare, but the school I go to varies in many wonderful, yet struggling people who have to deal with their hand in life, and the sorts of ailments I'm glad that I can share my experiences with. The main benefit is that nobody can bully anybody else because we're all in the same boat. They can call me any name they wish, I can call them back in kind as no one there is normal. Everyone there is some variety of huge. And thankfully the uniform is, for lack of a better word, liberal with our bodies. Literally the only school I know that has a "school underwear" as skirts are a futile thing.

The school also acts as a boarding house for people with our conditions. It beats being woken up with faceless doctors squeezing into your body as they keep reminding you that they need to move you before you end up a gigantic spray of blue explosion. I can wake up and if I feel I've swollen up too much in the night, the staff can take care of me. They also don't see the need to constantly remind me that I'm going to pop.

Strangely, they also encourage me to flourish as a blueberry instead of hiding away in self-loathing. There's no way I can live a normal life like the other schoolgirls so why not just enjoy my life as a constantly swelling piece of fruit? Bizarre as it seems, it works. when I'm feeling down on my luck.

Would I prefer to be normal? It's been a while since I've been normal. There's no real argument against it. Tt would be a lot easier for me if I was. But I also harbour a secret I've never told anyone before. Even the staff at the school who would possibly encourage such a thing.

I love being a blueberry.

It's hard to explain, and I feel like if I did try to explain it in real life I would be greeted with skepticism, maybe even dismissed as a wacko, but the bigger I get, the better I feel. I only ever feel bad when people remind me that my ultimate fate may be as a loud explosion or tease me and make me feel self conscious in a public space. Even some of the more creative comments I find online can give be a buzz.

But I've had dreams. Normally I'm in a place that's far away from any way of being juiced. A jungle, a desert, a remote location where I have to submit and accept my fate. I wake up just as I explode. And they are very good dreams.

There's no way that I would even consider doing such a thing in real life, but they always send chills down my spine whenever I remember them. Or whatever I have instead of the spine nowadays.

The bigger I get as a blueberry, the more sensitive my skin feels. When I reach a certain point in my growth, even a slight gust of wind or a soft palm against my bare skin is enough to trigger something. Nothing bad. It's enjoyment and dare I say, pleasure? I really do love the feeling of being rolled when ripe. When I'm a big ball. The juices inside feels like an ocean, it can be calming. But even when sloshing and glunking like a rough sea, that gets me going. It really does get me going. I have to ball up my fists and curl my toes to stop me from making any irrational noises.

I guess it's healthy to have that sort of drive. I'm a growing girl still (and this time I mean metaphorically), we all have those thoughts, I guess it's hard for me because I'm the only one who is amped up by the thought of being a rounded piece of blue fruit. Plus I don't think there are any blueberry dating sites. Yet.

I've benefited from a life of structure in a way. Even when for some reason my growth doesn't follow the path and it's supposed to. I think I've mastered sleeping at certain times so that when I wake up I don't end up so immobile I have to lie on my back and wait for the people who take care of me. Though it is always a thrilling experience. Waking up thinking that you could lurch forward despite a heavy set of juice, yet all you can find yourself doing is flap and kick. It makes my heart race. It gives me time to plan out my studies, recreation time, hanging out with the other girls around the school, it's an interesting life.

The problem is after school, there is not much room for girls who turn into fruit in the workplace. But the future is away from me at the moment. Now I can enjoy life, I stopped living in the future and started living in the present. And currently I'm an hour overdue for my juicing.

Simone x
My life as a Blueberry
I've always wanted to explore the idea of a blueberry life. I find that :iconalorok: 's work is something that speaks to me and has finally kicked a bit of that writers block off the curb. 

I like the idea of expansion being somewhat casual. Someone being a blueberry isn't a five second scream 'n' pop. Where blueberries are a day-to-day occurrence in life and we all get to enjoy their company. I might make a sequel or a regular journal out of this but me and long-term projects are not two happy bedfellows. 

Inspried somewhat by this:… Except her life doesn't suck.
As you may or may not know, I have been struggling quite a lot with writers block. It's been hindering me for a while now, and it's made me struggle quite a lot with other things as well. I will be hoping to hammer out some more stories soon, in the hopes that I regain some traction. As you can see by my latest entry I have not completely lost it and I do plan on continuing with some more stories. Though they will be of the same ilk. I do have some ideas in mind, but none that I can flesh out into a story worthy enough for submission.

Please, if you do enjoy my work feel free to submit some feedback or leave me a note. I will soon be in a position where I can make stories again on a regular basis. [Or at least to the best of my ability]

Thank you for your patience, to the one or two fans I still have.

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Based on the 2005 Violet

Violet was blue. Deep blue. Staring at her hand in disbelief, her mind raced as to what it could have been. A trick of the light? This is all too real, not a single inch of her was its original pale hue as a sensational transformation began. Pressure starts to mountain in her midsection as she stroked along the skin, feeling it was tighter than usual. Her rear end started to feel heavier only slightly as the gum worked his magic. It was intent to fill her with as much blueberry juice as she could handle. With a violent yet satisfying surge, her buttocks ballooned out like a set of twin airbags, each liquid filled vessel tightening the material of the tracksuit pants. Even though she wanted a second to take it all in, it was extremely hard to do so as it continued, her stomach starting to feel the brunt of most of the juice filling up inside of her body. The rest of the tour pegged back very slowly as the girl continue to swell, they couldn't quite believe that such a small unassuming girl could manage to swell up so large in such a short amount of time and it didn't look like she was going to be stopping anytime soon as she continued to rise. Even though it was unintentional, Violet had made herself centerstage of her very own transformation show, her bare skin forcing its way out between the gap of the tracksuit top and her tracksuit pants that struggled to contain the swelling mass of girl inside of it. The cogs in her mother's brain continued to click, it was almost as if she forgot to fear the outlandish transformation that will cause a darling little daughter to become a tank of blueberry juice so she stood still mouth agape only treading backwards when the rest of the tour did so themselves, some out of pure courteous nests and some with a shred of doubts that the girl could really contain the tidal wave of juice flowing inside of her as she did look like she definitely had a limit and she was very close to reaching it. The human blueberry herself tried her best to gather her thoughts but with every shred of clarity that came to her mind, every moment of brief lucidity, it was quickly replaced by us another gallon of blueberry juice inside of her body. Her reaction to her own changes appeared to switch on a dime. For a few seconds she could be scared, as one would expect when the body encounters such a strange and outlandish concept. Despite the sound, smell and feeling of blueberry juice inside of her body, it took an overhearing of the tour muttering the word “blueberry” for her to realise this was more than just a coincidence. Her mind failed to add two and two together thanks to her trying to gather her thoughts as they fleeted away just like a small waistline. She didn't even have time to become embarrassed by the situation despite exposing blue skin to the entire world. Again, it could be attributed to the fact that she was swelling without pause, but mostly it was to do with the feeling she didn't realize somebody in her position could be in. As she padded and clawed her way down the shirt with her hands, trying but failing to reach the gap of bare skin created by her bulging belly exposing itself, she found an odd sense of... Excitement. The only thing that was causing her any sort of physical distress was the tightness of the clothing, and it could be the gums chemical effects washing her mind, but this sensation was similar to that of a roller coaster. The start of the expansion was the scary “going up” part and now she had time to get used to the entire scenario, she succumbed to the enjoyment. Her face was still that of shock and awe, so it could be excused from the outside looking in that she was still in some sort of distress, but with every inch of added mass she also grew further and further away from disenfranchisement and distress. Even as a mobility reach to a point of merely flapping her hands and kicking her feet as a groin forced her from the ground, she could not shake this feeling of enjoyment. The tour looked up at this mountain of juice and flesh as finally, Violet Beauregarde was a human blueberry.

The mother was still in shock, though where she in the same position she could understand that Violet was in no hurry to be rescued. She looked tight. Despite morphing into a complete orb to accommodate the ocean of sweet blue nectar inside of her, such a distortion of the body didn't look safe. The extravagant tour guide himself was even in a little state of shock despite being laced in a somewhat sick sense of fulfillment. As if he had planned to turn the young girl into such a luscious being from the first moment he laid eyes on her. The tour seemed to rock into a state of stasis. Even if there was a sense of urgency to return the scale back to normal in fear that she might puncture, or more likely explode, they had to figuratively drink in the experience for a few seconds more.

The brief pause was rocked back into play by the sound of fabric quickly coming apart, a muffled bank across Violet's left shoulder as a shirt started to shred. Mr. Wonka himself began the procedure to take care of such a predicament.

“We will take good care of her.” Mr. Wonka began, the mother almost with a comical look of shock on her face.

“But... my daughter... she's a blueberry!” The mother's spoken sentence fragments were halted by another muted rip coming from the other shoulder the Violet's tracksuit top as more blue skin rose out of her clothing prison like bread dough wrapped in a thick twine.

“She must be squeezed. Like a pimple.” The guide himself spoke of this like it was child's play, despite the mothers  look of distress he didn't seem to be all that worried. And it was strange that anybody could be so prepared for the almost magic and instant bloating of a young girl. And the use of language was less than colorful. Even with all of this, the mothers one track mind fixed on the one thing she obsessed about all these years.

“But how will she compete?” she pleaded as if she was going to receive an answer.

“You could put her in a county fair.” Interjected the snobbish Veruca Salt the look of pride and triumph. Watching her impromptu best friend turned into such a thing in front of her eyes was worth the price of admission, but even with that, a sense of entitlement won over in the end and Scarlett's eyes stead daggers of which the shield of Veruca's smug face couldn't be broken by.

Before Scarlett could physically throttle the young girl like she was vividly fantasizing about in her mind, Violet's clothing once again decided to make an interruption. A loud satisfying rip from the lower half caused white cotton to ooze out of the gap and spread downwards, thick and fast. Even with the interactions from down below the girl was lost in a world of her own. Still with conflicting feelings, with every hint of embarrassment of the body swelling and her skin being more and more exposed, nearing a fully fledged strip show in front of the tour, each stitch that popped added to the pool of pleasure that dulled the pain of shame. It wasn't as if she could react anyway. Being so high up it would be hard for her to communicate, she could barely hear what they were saying about her even without the distraction of her own body swelling with a mind of its own.

The tracksuit top that so valiantly fought against the swelling menace finally lost its battle of the entire left side split open, revealing an open field of blue skin that was near perfect had it not been for two dark blue dots in symmetrical places on the left and right side of her upper hemisphere.

It was only then that the eccentric tour guide finally called his misshapen and short helpers to finally get things into gear. The tour had already seen the fate of a chubby boy gets accompanied by a song so this was a familiar sight, if not still a little strange. They marched in uniformity towards the orb as she rocked innocently, inch by inch, front and back. With allowed musical accompaniment, it awakened Violet's senses to what was going on and before she knew it, she felt small hands force their way onto her body and topple her onto her back. The force of which she was rocked back caught her by surprise as well, summoning a muffled yell. The tracksuit pants fell to the floor not so shortly after leaving her stripped bar for her white cotton briefs that the Oompa Loompa's had no hesitation in using as a trampoline and she toppled and turned.

“W-Where are they taking her?” Her mother hesitantly asked. Thousands of thoughts ran into her mind as to what such strange beings would do to her handsomely sized daughter.

“They are taking her to the Juicing room.” The tour guide casually stated, as if the idea of a “Juicing Room” was a common occurrence.

“Juicing Room...?” The mother parroted, but by this time Wonka had already gotten into the groove of the song and dance routine, is helpers using the poor and swollen girl as a prop for the show. He gestured softly towards her as she reached the end of the Inventing Room, towards a uniquely spherical pipe which Violet just managed to get into. The mother made a rushed jog towards her daughter as she was comically wedged, upside down, in the tubing. Nervous of if she should touch the girl, the decision was made for her by the Oompa Loompa's who pressed into the girl, allowing the Mother to push back.


The song and dance was faded out to silence as out the end of the tube stepped Scarlett and the Oompa Loompa's, and out rolled her blueberry daughter. The mother didn't know whether to raise her voice as the creatures helping her daughter to be rolled had a look of determination on them. She couldn't even assess her daughter's feelings to the situation as she was too busy getting used to being tossed and turned.

A minute or two of rolling later, they finally changed course from the same drab hallway, which was a stark contrast to the world that was introduced to them from the boat ride and the garden. Such a world was quite quickly reintroduced when they turned a corner and in front of them was a small train. Complete with a design that was a mock representation of the usual steam engine dressed in vibrant colors, the rails were made wide and reinforced, almost as if this situation was designed for the use of this particular transport. A large cabin sat behind the steam engine and was able to house the blueberry and the “help”.

They extended a platform between the two, and luckily there was no ramp to go down the above. She was rolled into the cabin and the mother hopped aboard. The rest of the help occupied the cabin at the front of the train as drivers so this was the first time that the mother and daughter could interact with each other since the situation happened. The train moved off as the mother was hesitant to even approach such a wide and impressively sized fruit hybrid, but she attempted to. There was space to roll her forward, so she did, pressing onto the girls back and pushing forward. Her skin was soft and smooth to the touch, though tight and with a certain tenseness that really did hammer home what the girl herself was filled with. Like an oversized, pleasant water balloon. She forced the almost-nude girl onto her stomach so that she could speak with her face to face. She walked around the girl, who spanned more than ten feet, and managed to speak.

“Are you okay, sweetie?” her mothering blossomed from the situation. Almost an unfamiliar sight from the previous pushy parent that she had been. Violet responded with a soft nod. “You're okay?” she seemed surprise.

“I feel... good...” Violet groaned out. She clenched her fists, she was a shade embarrassed to admit it, but it did.

“...good...?” She was perplexed by such a response. Though it wasn't 100% completely non-understandable. The skin did feel good after all.

“It feels... nice...” The sensation inside of her body caused her to be short and sweet with her responses.

“We can't have you being a blueberry, honey.” Violet's mother's voice started to rise a little. Even if she did enjoy it she couldn't stay this way forever. “We need to get the juice out.”

“But why?” She asked. It was an uncharacteristic act of defiance, as both girls seem to share the same interests and desire to win, even with one side pushing the other a little more than was healthy.  

“Why...!?” she felt like she was going mad now, it may feel good but to stay this way seemed insane. “What's happened to you?”

“I turned myself into a blueberry.” Violet replied dryly. “And it feels really, really good.” The response had a little bit of emotion inside, but it was almost as if she was reading from a script. Violet's mother turned away and seemed more determined to get rid of the juice than she was when the expansion began.

The train passed a few stations that Scarlett could view from the window. Although seem to share the same design of chutes that led her from the Inventing Room. She could make out some of the names, but she could make out the words “Testing Room” and “Juice Processing Room”. But soon the train came to a stop right at the Juicing Room and the small gentlemen came to receive the girl. The mother stormed out first before she was followed by her oversized daughter. Once again she got comically wedged inside of tube but her mother was more than ready to force her out. Even more than before. As the members of Wonka staff tried to force themselves gently, Scarlett found her hands forced into the white canvas that covered what was once a daughter's rear and force the girl to pop out the other side, the momentum caused her to roll unaided into the middle of the room until she came to a complete stop at the hands of a new member of Wonka staff. This one a lot taller and a lot more human. She approached the mother with an open hand and, considering the situation, and all too calm demeanour.

“My name is Doctor Benson” she introduced herself. She extended the hand that was not clutching a clipboard and tossed her mousy brown hair away from her eyes. She was wearing a white lab coat, but near the hem were splashes of blue stain.

“You... you aren't one of them?” Scarlett seemed hesitant to make herself friendly with the doctor.

“They have a name, you know. Oompa Loompa's. And they are very friendly. Please, be a bit more accepting and tolerant.” Despite the doctors telling off, it all seemed like part of a comedy act as she did have a grin on her face as she started to scribble on a clipboard. She approached the specimen in question and was followed quite eagerly by the mother.

“I thought Wonka didn't hire anyone else...?” Scarlett asked

“Of course he does. Trusted advisors, people from back when he wasn't a recluse. Oompa Loompa's can't build all these machines by themselves. And most of them aren't well versed in human psychology and physiology like I am.” The doctor continued to scribble haphazardly onto the clipboard.

“What are you writing?” Scarlett asked curiously, peering over the Doctor's shoulder. The doctor hugged the clipboard to her chest defensively to hide the writing.

“Just information. Y'know, size, name, age, type of fruit...”

“Type of fruit!?”

“Yes, now calm down please.” At this point in time Scarlett was ready to believe anything so long as she can reply with a sigh in a nod, muttering to herself.

“Listen, I have an... issue... to bring up.” Scarlett seemed hesitant at first but thought it deserved to be brought up. “Violet appears to be under this... CRAZY notion that she actually enjoys being a blueberry. Is that normal?”

“That's because she is enjoying being a blueberry.” The doctor responded. “Don't ask me how because I don't think I've ever become one. At least not with my knowledge.”

“But how can...” Scarlett's own disbelief at the response caused her to get short with her question.

“I believe it's to do with the gum itself. Or it could just be that becoming a gigantic bloated sphere full of sweet juices is something that looks weird at first glance but is actually just misunderstood. Most likely the former though, mixed with the latter.”

“You're confusing me Doctor... please, just tell me if it's normal.”

“Every blueberry I've experienced loves the situation that they're in. The overall consensus is that they enjoy the feeling of it, and it is an enjoyable feeling from what I recorded in my studies, but the gum also has some effects to the mind as well.”

“To the mind? What do you mean by that?”

“The mixture of arousal and excitement adds to a chemical reception to the brain. But this is added by the gum slow release of both blueberry juice. Blueberry juice is an aphrodisiac and right now all it's doing is just making the feeling more and more pleasurable. That's why we must juice the girl now before she breaks.”

“Breaks? You mean... she's going to explode!?”

“No, not explode. Unless you prod her with the sharp needle. The juice itself is a a quick releasing agent in the gum itself. It's the chemicals from the juice that really slowly. But soon there will be a point when your little darling daughter never wants to return back to normal and will “break”, being human again could cause her mental state to deteriorate. She could become morbidly depressed until she is full of juice again. In some cases, she'll turn into an addict, where there is no ability to detox. Just forever pleading and begging to swell up again.”

“How many blueberries have there been?”

“Oompa Loompas, there's been a few. Humans... I've lost count. Young girls just seem to attract the gum like bees to pollen. This gum was still in the testing phase back when Wonka first started out. And he still hasn't worked out the bugs yet. That's why we know so much about it. And Violet here...”

Violet's body groaned a little, as if she had reached some form of physical limit, but this was accompanied by a loud, yet positive sounding grown from her voice.

“Damn...” the Doctor “She's reaching breaking point.”

“S-So... biiig...” a voice cried from a top the round spheroid. “So juicy...”

“D-Do something! Now! I can't have my daughter be a blueberry obsessed zombie!” Scarlett rushed around the ball in an attempt to help, but had no idea where to start.

“We must rush her into the juicer now.” The Doctor threw down her clipboard which had Violet's information on it and pushed her into a direction. Scarlett joined her in an attempt to force her into the juicer itself. The body gave another loud creak, followed by even louder groans of arousal and approval of such a dangerous situation.

“D-Don't juice me! I was born for this... I am a blueberry... a wonderful blueberry...” cried the human fruit. The two grown women managed to force her past a see-through door and into a special chamber that was just about the size of the girl herself and locked the door. The doctor wordlessly gestured to the mother to follow her as quickly as she could to a panel just outside of the room itself. A big red button with the word “JUICE”  spelled out in big white letters was in front of the mother as she placed a hand on it.

“D-Don't... juice... me...” cried a voice from inside the room, muffled by the door. Almost as if somebody took the batteries out of the, Scarlett had second thoughts and poles with a hand on the button. Rather than panic, the doctor stared at her with a stern curiosity.

“Press the button! She'll be fine...”

“I don't want to be normal! This is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me! Let me roll out of here!”

“Press the button, please!”

“Don't press it! Don-” another loud groan occurred body, and a primal howl of ultimate pleasure erupted from the room. Scarlett, for some reason, just couldn't bring herself to press the button.

“I... I can't do it... she looks so happy... she's never going to enjoy anything like this ever again...!”

“But if you don't, you'll have a blueberry for a daughter forever! She'll be lost!”

“And maybe having a blueberry for a daughter isn't so bad... I'd save hundreds on tracksuits... she can just roll about in her underwear, happy, free...” Scarlett sounded as brainwashed as Violet before she was snapped out of it by a strong fist of a doctor hammering down on the button. Scarlett paused in place as if she couldn't quite believe what she was saying, and the walls of Violet's room started to move. To wave, almost, in place as she was pressed and squeezed by the massaging rollers inside of the Juicer itself. The juice was massaged out of the girl, but the process took a fair few minutes, so this gave Scarlett some time to apologise.

“I'm so sorry...” Scarlett said, sitting down in a nearby chair, brushing her hair back and exhaustion.

“I've seen so many daughter's become blueberries in my time. Some older, some younger, some accompanied by their mothers. Trust me. You're the saner one.”

“But why did I freeze? It was like I switched off... I couldn't control myself.”

“You'll be surprised how strong the chemical inside these blueberries are. They are the only ones that can work in the gum, and soon we'll get it right. But at this stage, I do advise that your daughter does return to me once every week so we can work out their addiction. It'll be strong the first few weeks but by the time I'm done it'll be more like a craving rather than a full-blown addiction.”

“I... thank you... this entire thing has been...”

“I must warn you as well your daughter will not be the same physically as well. She will retain her blue skin and she will be bendy, as her body is now able to contain thousands of gallons of juices.”

“I can take that... it'll help in gymnastics.” Scarlett's voice signal that she was just joking to mask the entire traumatic event, but the doctor seemed to know and raised an arm to hold her close beside her.

A few weeks later, Violet's one of many past therapy sessions was in progress.

“I really did enjoy my time as a blueberry.” she summarised, “but I remember my first week I would've done anything to do it all over again.”

“That's very good. We've made some progress today. And I...” a loud beeping came from the hip of the Doctor as she whipped out a pager. “Young twins? Oh boy...”

“What's that?” Violet asked inquisitively.

“It's my pager. Another tour, another bunch of blueberry girls to juice.” Violet's still plump purple lips curled into a smile.

“Any chance I could help?”
A Juicing Room
I know it's pretty much been done over and over again, but here's my take. Take that for what you will.

There will be a fair few mistakes because it's been an on-and-off outlet for my year long writers block for as long as I can remember and it's not even that long. Any mistakes I'll be willing to correct. 
I would like to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for all the gifts and lovely messages. Easily made it one of the better birthdays I've had and I hope I can return the favour in some way! 
With my bad luck with computers I'm struggling with messenger services. And now that Yahoo is changing up I'm having to resort to Skype, which has never worked (and even now is finicky)

So if you want, add me at live:JoExpandable, though whether or not it works will be strange to see.

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